GirlsOutWest Ella Abandoned - 2 May 2015 (1080p)

5-06-2017, 19:31
GirlsOutWest Ella Abandoned
GirlsOutWest Ella Abandoned - 2 May 2015 (1080p)
Gorgeous hairy girl Ella is very explorative.. she’s a wanderer and she loved the idea of shooting in a derelict old abandoned house.
Creeping in through the front door, Ella creeps around the house looking for any signs of life.. when she finds that she’s alone, she takes this opportunity to round up all her built up sexual tension and release it in this dusty, slightly creepy old abode.
Lurking around, she finds a mirror and loves to self examine. Touching herself and pulling her pubes, she finds her clit and starts to rub before shoving her fingers deep inside her gorgeous hairy pussy.
Fucking herself, shes moving around and getting tender to her touch. Her freckles are gleaming in the window light and shes thinking naughty thoughts about someone creeping on her through the window, she reaches climax and keeps moaning.
Ella is a wild sexual being, come and voyeur on her as she fucks herself hard and squeezes her small tits and soft nipples. We know you’ll love this scene just as much as we do!
GirlsOutWest Ella Abandoned

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