GirlsOutWest Stockings Remastered - 28 April 2015 (1080p)

5-06-2017, 19:38
GirlsOutWest Stockings Remastered
GirlsOutWest Stockings Remastered - 28 April 2015 (1080p)
Its nearly winter here and that means tight stockings firmly encasing ones crotch and buttocks. This movie shows what happens when they get too tight and swell up with the moisture from excited vaginas! Get your friend over; get her to tear them off you with bare finger nails!
On the floor now and the Deep Throat French Kissing builds up, their pussies grind.... labia splitting over firm thighs. Framed by frayed torn stockings, the young girls, hearts on fire, kiss and make-out with intensity and gusto. Grinding their pussies on to the soft flesh of the thigh muscle. Squeezing the most delectable French butt cheeks as they pop out of the stockings. This sexy make-out session is BEAUTIFUL!
A sublimely sexy classic movie from the old days, REMASTERED at a HIGHER BITRATE and delivered to you once again, linked up as one long movie with 2 beautiful young girls, with hirsute pussies, making out, kissing, touching, and getting off in their stockings. They are lovely girls, with divine bodies, happy, young and free.
GirlsOutWest Stockings Remastered
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