GirlsOutWest Musical Misfits Remastered - 25 February 2015 (1080p)

25-06-2017, 04:57
GirlsOutWest Musical Misfits Remastered
GirlsOutWest Musical Misfits Remastered - 25 February 2015 (1080p)
I don't know about you. But when somebody gets on stage and can sing or play an instrument really well.. they become about 50 times more attractive. It's a fact! Musicians are hot. Talented people are hot!

Musical girl Alma is offering some very exclusive lessons for Daisy with the added bonus of hearing her play a song which does nothing but turn Daisy on. The only thing she's learning is how much she wants to FUCK the teacher!

Luckily for Daisy, shagging the tutor is not forbidden. Stripping off and teasing Alma while she plays, Daisy has Alma exactly where she wants her.

Both of the girls are fighting for dominance, fighting to fuck each other but in the end everyone gets an orgasm – and then another.. and then another!

This movie is long, juicy and SEXY! Watch these two give each other intense orgasms – and hear a song or two by Alma. You might just fall in love, too!
GirlsOutWest Musical Misfits Remastered
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