GirlsOutWest Jenner and Jake - Carnal Cruising - 25 January 2015 (1080p)

31-07-2017, 16:56
GirlsOutWest Jenner and Jake - Carnal Cruising
GirlsOutWest Jenner and Jake - Carnal Cruising - 25 January 2015 (1080p)
Lovers Jenner and Jake love to fuck! From the first time we met Jenner she has been telling us about her sexual adventures with her new spunky man, and we finally managed to convince her to bring him in for a girl/boy shoot.

In this incredible movie the two are out exploring the wilderness in their inflatable canoe. A spontaneous water fight soon leaves them dripping wet and Jake can’t wait to release Jenners large tits from her tight outfit. On the banks of the river, the two begin to fuck in the canoe. Jake is a gentleman and makes sure Jenner is satisfied first, eating her pussy until she is streaming in ecstasy. Then he flips her over and fucks her doggy style. Jenner may be able to come a couple more times before Jake is ready to fill her juicy pussy with his cum.

These two clearly have an incredible sex life and they can’t wait to share their hot, steamy lovemaking with you!
GirlsOutWest Jenner and Jake - Carnal Cruising
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