GirlsOutWest Kenji and Laney Day Waterfall Fuck - 20 June 2020 (1080p)

20-06-2020, 22:59
GirlsOutWest Kenji and Laney Day Waterfall Fuck
GirlsOutWest Kenji and Laney Day Waterfall Fuck - 20 June 2020 (1080p)
Adding to our LightSouthern instalments we invite you to join this series of intimate vignettes. Tan curvy Kenji and picture perfect Laney have some catching up to do. They head to a secluded waterhole for a cheeky little skinny dip. The water is cold so these two lesbian beauties find a spot for a warm sun bath. Kenji admires Laneys milky skin and they recline into warm wet kisses. Laney extends her long limbs to receive Kenji’s fingers deep into her hairy blonde pussy. Kenji's long hair strokes her belly as she succumbs to Kenji's wet tongue, hot against her clitoris. A liquid warmth spilling from within, heralded by bird song and the cascade of waterfall. In another chorus, Laney rubs her own clit as Kenji presses against her G-spot staring lovingly into eachothers eyes. Laney removes Kenji's hand to taste her own juices before sending them back to task. Taking her place in the pleasure seat, Kenji opens to receive Laneys tongue. Her body shudders with pleasure. Sliding in fingers, Laney finger bags Kenji whilst grabbing a handful of tit. Kneading her generous fleshy breast. The scene ends with Laney braced against the bark of a tree her cunt played like a bush banjo. Don’t you wish you were in this bush band?
GirlsOutWest Kenji and Laney Day Waterfall Fuck

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