GirlsOutWest Elliott - Heavy Load - 11 December 2020 (1080p)

11-12-2020, 19:40
GirlsOutWest Elliott - Heavy Load
GirlsOutWest Elliott - Heavy Load - 11 December 2020 (1080p)
Fit and fine Elliott hears something is amiss in the dryer. When she opens the door she finds someone has accidentally put through a glass dildo! Luckily it's still in one piece and luckily all of her housemates are out.The dildo feels so warm straight from the dryer and she wastes no time to rub it’s length down her thigh. Her hairy pussy hints itself behind the dainty white panties, and a lip of labia peeks from the side. Want to see what Elliott does with her new score. Finders Keepers they say? Laundry day just got interesting!
GirlsOutWest Elliott - Heavy Load

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