How to download files?

Download the desktop software and set up from official site Click here
Download files without ads and at high speed.


How does the network ensure privacy?
All published content is hosted on users’ machines. It is not subject to censorship and is completely anonymous.
The network does not have any central nodes, so it can be blocked neither by a provider nor by any other regulator.

Why do I need the cryptocurrency?
A special internal cryptocurrency, Mediacoin (MDC), has been introduced to keep a balance between those who download content and those who share it.
Participants share content in exchange for virtual money. The more content users share, the more MDC tokens they get in his/her account.

How does Mediacoin differ from file sharing networks and torrent trackers?
Most websites and social networks are profit-oriented. They use content of their members and make users view intrusive advertisements.
Mediacoin is a non-commercial project, designed to fairly reward content authors and network users.
The platform benefits are as follows:

1) No ads
2) Full anonymity
3) The application cannot be blocked by the provider or the regulator
4) Reward for using PC and Internet resources

Can I download content without registration?
In order to download a file you need to download the desktop software and set up . a cryptocurrency wallet.
Just create a login and password. You are not required to enter any personal data.

What should I do if I forgot my password?
The combination of your login and password is actually a private key to access your funds.
It is important to remember that the password cannot be changed or restored in the future.

Where can I sell and buy Mediacoin tokens?

Our channel in the MediaCoin network @inoporn
Official Site Mediacoin Click here

November 4, 2020 Patch
If suddenly MediaCoin gives a 404 error on the link, then change the link from "" to "mdc://"

For instance: change to mdc://L8cp2MHm8h42SvwY4qYX9K
(paste into your browser and go)