AbbyWinters Kezia Solo / Nude Girls Meaty lips Kezia - 17 April 2020 (1080p/photo)

17-04-2020, 21:01
AbbyWinters Kezia Solo / Nude Girls Meaty lips Kezia
AbbyWinters Kezia Solo / Nude Girls Meaty lips Kezia - 17 April 2020 (1080p/photo)
Drying her long blond hair, Kezia bends forward enough for us to catch a glimpse of her girly, cotton panties. Taking her dress off, Kezia kneels down on all fours, in her underwear and stockings and casually opening her legs, pulls her panties aside uncovering her immaculate shaved vulva. Raising her legs up, Kezia exposes her vulva while she massages her big feet. Laying back on an armchair Kezia smiles as her hands move towards her vulva, using the tip of her fingers, she delicately pulls her labia apart. Leaving the chair, Kezia lays on the floor face down, and using both her hands she grabs her bum cheeks and spreads them apart, exposing her vulva from behind as she smiles.

Tall Kezia bends down to reach her hair dryer and as she moves, her panties flash upskirt. "I have big feet and I use them to play with penises." Taking her sheer green bra off, she squeezes her pert tits and pinches her pink nipples. Spanking her round ass, she teases her ass cheeks and small labia.
AbbyWinters Kezia Solo / Nude Girls Meaty lips Kezia

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