AbbyWinters Cleo C and Galina Lesbian - 19 July 2020 (1080p/photo)

20-07-2020, 02:16
AbbyWinters Cleo C and Galina Lesbian / Nude Girls Tampon insertion Tori
AbbyWinters Cleo C and Galina Lesbian / Nude Girls Tampon insertion Tori - 19 July 2020 (1080p/photo)
Cleo lays in bed taking a nap when Galina approaches her silently and wakes her up caressing her pert breasts. Slowly unbuttoning Cleo's pajamas she softly kisses her breasts. Cleo is fully awake by now and grabs Galina's bum firmly bringing her against her as they begin to passionately undress each other. Laying on her back Galina closes her eyes as she sees Cleo climb on her and position her wet vulva on top of her face. Grabbing with both hands Cleo's bum cheeks, Galina licks her pussy from below, making Cleo squirm and moan in pleasure.
AbbyWinters Cleo C and Galina Lesbian / Nude Girls Tampon insertion Tori
Laying gracefully in the couch while she checks her phone, Tori slowly moves her leg and we catch a glimpse of her panties up her loose skirt. Raising her eyes, Tori sits upright and begins to undress, taking off first her sweater showing her see-through bra and taking off her skirt afterwards as we admite her cotton panties that barely cover her dark, full bush. Pulling her panties aside, Tori lays on her back as she shows her meaty labia as we get to see the string of her tampon. Taking her panties completely off, Tori moves both her hands towards her pussy and using the tips of her fingers spreads her labia apart as far as she cans as we get to see the tampon itself inside her.
AbbyWinters Cleo C and Galina Lesbian

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