Yanks Mab Dabble Is Talented - 8 August 2021 (1080p)

31-10-2021, 22:02
Yanks Mab Dabble Is Talented

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EnjiRilok 31 October 2021 22:03
What a sweetheart! And a beauty! Miss "Dabble" you are lovely! But I would like to defend virgin lovers everywhere -- I was once one myself -- by saying that inexperience is no excuse for a guy to be a bad lover or to be unable - are you kidding me?? - to find a girl's clitoris. The problem is those guys were just ignorant. You made that point eventually, as your current boyfriend -- your fourth, as you say -- had actually read a book about sex before you slept with him. That's the difference! For me it was Joy of Sex, and I didn't read it in some earnest effort to be good in bed when I finally got to sleep with a girl (I read it when I was about 13). I read it to masturbate to, are you kidding? All those pictures of naked women, and boners, and people fucking in different positions or having oral sex. It made up for the fact that the models in the drawings were all hairy - beards, armpits, and pubes of course. I'd love to be with a girl who shaves her pussy - that's one thing I haven't experienced yet. :-) Mab Dabble you are lovely and your boyfriend is one lucky guy!!
ligolize 31 October 2021 22:04
Its a Shame that the video cut out just when she was about to talk about more interesting topics! She is a Awesome Young lady though :)
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