AbbyWinters Pilar & Viviana - Intimate Moments - 20 September 2021 (1080p)

20-09-2021, 15:37
AbbyWinters Pilar & Viviana - Intimate Moments
AbbyWinters Pilar & Viviana - Intimate Moments / Masturbation Touching friend Pilar & Viviana - 20 September 2021 (1080p)
Viviana brings Pilar a yummy breakfast of fruit and then gets right down to business. "So, have you ever had sex with another girl?" she asks. Adorably flustered, Pilar stammers that she's only ever kissed girls before, but she's curious. Viviana offers to help her explore, and begins with a demonstration of scissoring, while they're still wearing their tight shorts. Enjoying the sensations, Pilar cuddles Viviana's breasts, and excitedly feels her nipples get hard. The girls start stroking each other over their panties, and they both offer gentle guiding hands, to ensure that their friend is rubbing just the right spots. "You're so hot! I can't take it anymore, you make me so horny!" Pilar exclaims, pulling her panties off to masturbate herself, while snuggled up close to Viviana. The girls hold hands and nestle their faces together, while pleasuring themselves with their open legs intertwined. Viviana rubs circles onto her clit, with her eyes closed, while Pilar plunges her fingers deep into her shaved pussy, with her sparkling eyes locked on her friend's flushed face. The beautiful view makes Pilar orgasm first, and her intense moans trigger a blissful climax for Viviana moments later. "It was very nice sharing this with you" Viviana sighs, making Pilar absolutely melt. "Oh, you are so lovely!" she cries, giving Viviana a joyful hug. "Thank you for teaching me!"
AbbyWinters Pilar & Viviana - Intimate Moments

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