AbbyWinters Elza Solo - 23 September 2021 (1080p/photo)

25-09-2021, 14:59
AbbyWinters Elza Solo
AbbyWinters Elza Solo / Nude Girls Masturbating with objects Elza - 23 September 2021 (1080p/photo)
On a steamy summer day, Elza is relaxing in front of the fan in her nightgown, and when she takes it off, she reveals that she's wearing only her string bikini underneath. The little strips of hot pink fabric struggle to contain her voluptuous breasts, and the g-string bottoms show off her perfect round bum. Elza teasingly lifts up the top, uncovering one perky nipple with a cheeky grin, then tugs the bottoms to the side to reveal her fuzzy pubic hair. Once she's completely naked, she sits in her office chair with her legs open, flashing a charming smile.
AbbyWinters Elza Solo AbbyWinters Elza Solo AbbyWinters Elza Solo
Elza gives herself a fun challenge of seeing how many items from her desk she can slip into her pussy. She starts by inserting two markers, giggling as she looks down at how they protrude from her vulva. Getting more adventurous, she tries a handful of pens while clipping a clothespin onto her clit, closing her eyes and biting her lip at the intense sensation of being filled up. At last, she lets loose with a paintbrush, lying on the floor and masturbating to a blissful orgasm. In the sweaty afterglow, she beams happily into the camera with flushed cheeks and her chestnut hair in sexy disarray.
AbbyWinters Elza Solo AbbyWinters Elza Solo
Elza's copper-coloured hair has gotten very curly, and she explains that it's because, despite what people from outside Russia may think, summers in St. Petersburg are very hot. Covered in sweat, she's attempting to stay cool in a tiny pink swimsuit that accentuates her breathtaking curves. After flashing one huge breast, she realises she'd be more comfortable naked, so she reclines in front of a fan and opens her legs. She reveals that her pubic hair is longer than she's ever had it as an adult, so she never needs lube when she touches herself. "My pussy is really juicy and it smells beautiful!" she declares with a warm smile. Taking advantage of her natural wetness, Elza makes a game of exploring how many household items she can put inside herself while masturbating. She bends over her desk and penetrates herself with two markers, then takes eight pens and slips them inside one by one. "I'm like a cat, I'm going to start purring" she giggles, as her meaty labia gets stretched out, and she moans to an intense orgasm. She next uses a paintbrush to excitedly rub her sensitive clit in an intimate closeup: "It's super-big now, after cumming!" Finally, Elza takes a bottle of cream deep into her pussy and trembles with another powerful climax, then pushes it out, laughing as it clatters on the floor.
AbbyWinters Elza Solo

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