AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Solo - 26 September 2021 (1080p)

28-09-2021, 15:23
AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Solo
AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Solo / Nude Girls Pale areolas Alexandra T - 26 September 2021 (1080p)
As short-haired Alexandra writes in her journal, with her legs akimbo, we get a teasing view up her loose shorts. She playfully stretches her leotard to accentuate her cleavage, then tugs it down to uncover her full breasts and light pink nipples. Once she's completely naked, she proudly provides an intimate tour of her perfectly shaved pussy. She opens her legs with an inviting smile, uses her manicured fingertips to gently spread her labia, and gets shot from below, as she exposes her sensitive clit.
AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Solo AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Solo AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Solo
Touching herself, Alexandra grabs a camera and plays photographer, before turning her attention to her bum. She massages some cream into her firm cheeks and then pulls them apart, to show off her tight anus. Then, she gets on all fours and casts a lustful look over her shoulder. Alexandra's playful side comes out when she traces a pen up her inner thighs, wearing her glasses, and puts on a plush unicorn hat, while using one hand to cover her pussy.
AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Solo AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Solo
Bubbly Alexandra grew up on a farm in South Africa, and horseback riding was her life. "The only thing I love more than horses is unicorns!" she giggles, and transforms into one by placing a fuzzy one-horned helmet atop her short hair. Caressing the rosy areolas on her lush breasts, she excitedly shares her discovery of the wonders of coconut oil. "It's really slippery, which feels way better, both for masturbation and sex" she declares, opening her legs to unbutton the crotch of her leotard. The soft folds of her immaculate shaved pussy glisten as she touches herself with the natural lubricant. Lying on the floor wearing only her glasses, Alexandra explains that she doesn't really need them to see, but likes how they make her look. She wiggles her bare bottom and talks about moving to Romania to learn the language, then reads aloud to demonstrate. On her hands and knees, she raises her hips to get into her favourite sex position. "I can feel it really nice and deep inside, and also I have the space to stimulate my clit" she reveals, stroking with a contented sigh. After spreading her peachy bum, to expose her cute pink anus, Alexandra stands in the nude and laughs as she proves she can rub her tummy, while patting her head.
AbbyWinters Alexandra T. Solo

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