AbbyWinters Andreea & Candice D. Lesbian - 29 September 2021 (1080p/photo)

1-10-2021, 15:38
AbbyWinters Andreea & Candice D. Lesbian
AbbyWinters Andreea and Candice D. Lesbian / Girl Girl Deep fingering Andreea & Candice D - 29 September 2021 (1080p/photo)
Candice is hard at work in her garden, when her pal Andreea arrives, and they share a laugh under the lemon tree, while wearing cute sun hats. Andreea looks slightly confused and excited when Candice starts caressing her hips over her dress, but soon they're sharing deep kisses in a passionate embrace. Candice falls in love with Andreea's voluptuous figure, as she undresses her, freeing her huge breasts from her bra and lovingly suckling them. Andreea is just as enchanted by Candice's slender body, and especially her peachy bum, which she gently squeezes and rubs against her boobs.
AbbyWinters Andreea & Candice D. Lesbian AbbyWinters Andreea & Candice D. Lesbian AbbyWinters Andreea & Candice D. Lesbian
When Andreea relaxes naked on the wicker loveseat, Candice passionately laps into her hairy pussy, then slips two fingers inside, until they're dripping wet. Andreea's soft curves jiggle as she looks down at her friend, flushed pink with arousal. The girls swap places and Candice spreads her legs, so Andreea can worship her smooth shaved vulva with sensual licks, before penetrating her to a blissful climax. A steamy 69 lets them both share pleasure with their mouths, and then they get up to joyfully splash each other with water as their nipples kiss. Deeply satisfied, they stand together side by side with arms intertwined, proudly showing off their completely different, equally sexy bodies.
AbbyWinters Andreea & Candice D. Lesbian AbbyWinters Andreea & Candice D. Lesbian
In nearly six years as an abbywinters model, Andreea has become a friend to everyone on the site with her sweet message board posts and joyful playdates, so her first girl-girl shoot is cause for celebration. It's extra-exciting, because she confesses that she's never even kissed a girl before! Andreea's fellow Romanian Candice is delighted to help her explore her sexuality, and they passionately make out in a sunny garden. Eagerly stripping off Andreea's dress to cuddle her Rubenesque curves and suck her nipples, Candice murmurs, "you're so beautiful, I love your body!" The adoring compliments make Andreea melt with joy, and Candice slips three fingers deep inside her. While watching a gorgeous girl licking her pussy for the very first time, Andreea's voluptuous boobs bounce as she moans to a blissful orgasm and cries, "thank you so much!" Candice gets on all fours with Andreea behind her, on the wicker loveseat and exclaims: "I love the way your boobies feel on my ass!" Andreea proceeds to give Candice some intense anal pleasure, slipping one finger into her bum while stroking her clit, until she shudders with ecstasy. The girls savour the taste of each other's pussies in a blissful 69, then cool off with a playful water fight and curl up in a satisfied embrace.
Girl Girl Deep fingering Andreea & Candice D

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