AbbyWinters Alice S. Solo - 10 October 2021 (1080p/photo)

12-10-2021, 16:48
AbbyWinters Alice S. Solo
AbbyWinters Alice S. Solo / Nude Girls Playing with a stethoscope Alice S - 10 October 2021 (1080p/photo)
Alice's crystal blue eyes are captivating. Bright and expressive, it's easy to get lost in them, even when she's cheekily lifting her dress to expose her lacy thong panties. Sitting on the counter in her lingerie, she grins, while using her stethoscope to check how the excitement of taking off her clothes on camera has impacted her heart rate. Once she's undressed, she playfully stretches her underwear across her small breasts, and stands in the nude, to reveal her flawless shaved pussy.
AbbyWinters Alice S. Solo AbbyWinters Alice S. Solo AbbyWinters Alice S. Solo
Alice relaxes on the floor to read, while wearing nothing but her scholarly glasses. In this gentle nude shoot, she uses her book, her bum bag and a plastic cupcake to remain demurely covered up, when she opens her legs. But she revels in the sensation of showing off everything else about her elegantly slender naked body. She lovingly squeezes and tugs her perky nipples, then puts on and takes off a sexy leopard-print swimsuit. Laying on her tummy, with her bare feet in the air, Alice rests her head on her hand and casts a friendly gaze into the camera, which will melt your heart.
AbbyWinters Alice S. Solo AbbyWinters Alice S. Solo
Elfin Romanian beauty Alice loves taking care of her cats so much, that she's studying to be a veterinarian. "It's amazing to save animals! It's only joy and happiness" she exclaims, slipping off her pink dress to reveal lacy matching lingerie. She uses her stethoscope to check her racing heartbeat, then makes her nipples harden with the cold metal, and slips it down her panties with a giggle. Once she's naked, she shares that she dreams of being a surgeon, performing complex operations to help pets: "Being this cute person, in this body, has really made me want to show you that I can be rough, and I can do more!" Leaning against the counter, Alice stretches, to show off her graceful nude figure, from her perky breasts, to her ample bum, to her neatly shaved pussy. Wearing only her bookish glasses on the floor, she discusses her love of mystery novels, and her strategy for catching the eye of a guy, or a girl. "If I really want to attract someone, you can see it in my walk" she explains. "It becomes very slow and very, very sensual." Getting on all fours, Alice's big eyes glitter, as she looks teasingly into the camera, and it's easy to imagine the objects of her affection falling quickly under her spell.
AbbyWinters Alice S. Solo

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