Ersties Doro 25 years - Masturbation (1080p/photo)

24-04-2019, 02:27
Doro is now 25, older than her first Ersties visit, but still as incredibly gorgeous. Underneath her beautiful exterior is a girl who loves to fuck. A visit to the zoo or the cinema? Doro is definitely in on it! Next time we wanna see some footage!
Ersties Doro 25 years - Masturbation

A married Ersties girl with dirty thoughts
The first impression we get of Doro is that she is still a beautiful and feminine soul. No glasses and moving boxes but make-up and a wedding ring! Yes, you hear right! A lot can happen within 4 years (since her last Ersties outing) and this brunette found her Mr. Right! But that doesn’t stop Doro from trying out new things in the bedroom. Rather the opposite! With her partner she explores her love of outdoor sex, that she gets turned on by being choked and how amazing blow jobs are! One thing she maybe wants to try out though is going to a swinger club with her husband because watching him with another sex partner won’t make her jealous. Well, we hope he won’t get jealous, too! Because Doro is the star of today’s shoot!
Ersties Doro 25 years - Masturbation

Triumphal Return
Wow! Doro is back after 4 years and hotter than ever! We can tell that she loved her first time here at Ersties and wants to tell (and show) us more about what all happened in her private and sex life. Pole dance, swinger clubs and blow jobs? Tell us more!
Ersties Doro 25 years - Masturbation

Smitten by the Rhythm
As if Doro is feeling a special kind of rhythm running through her body… she is moving herself like an erotic dancer, dancing an intimate dance just for you. Her sexy lingerie is just a little extra. It’s all about her, her womanly body and her pussy! We love to watch her masturbate as well, as we’re sure you do too!
Ersties Doro 25 years - Masturbation

After Relaxation comes (more) Pleasure
We can find the gorgeous brunette with her long mane sitting on an easy chair, wrapped in a blanket. But no, Doro isn’t cold, she is just warming herself up before showing us one breast, then the other and then even more! When she pulls out a glass dildo and starts to play with it… we are just swept away with excitement!
Ersties Doro 25 years - Masturbation

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